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Founded in 1911 as Rea Brother’s Realty, S.C.D. Rea and his brother, Hosea Rea, began their real estate and insurance business on the Benton Public Square. Following many prosperous years, Hosea Rea moved to California to pursue a career in land development. In 1919, S.C.D. Rea relocated to the second floor of the First National Bank (D.L. Wood) Building. S.C.D. Rea was joined by his sons, S. Jerome Rea and Camden D. Rea, following their return from WWII in 1946. S.C.D. Rea died at  the age of 72, in 1957.

Upon graduating from Eastern Illinois University in 1975, Robert S. Rea, son of S. Jerome Rea, returned to Benton, purchasing the partnership interest of his father in 1979. John D. Aiken, son-in-law of Jerome, purchased the partnership interest of Camden D. Rea in 1980. John D. Aiken graduated from the University of Illinois in 1973.

One of the first endeavors of the newly formed partnership of Robert. S. Rea and John D. Aiken was the construction of their current office building, located at 423 N. Main Street, which was completed in 1982. S.C.D. Rea & Sons Insurance remains the largest independent insurance agency in Franklin County and is working toward a fourth generation of service.


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